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Final Exam Practice #3

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Hai Ta

-CORPORATION FINANCE d any g., ed to g...1234567 2.345678% Other answers Fill in the missing data in the table below: year) years 4. 0.000000% zero coupon ears 7.250000% S1,010.54 15 years '7.373908% S1,200.00 4.6% he y bond find the bond price discount the 2.3% yield per 6 emiannually bond 2) Exp gh pay Premium, since it provides peri wer than the required d by her similar bonds. If the coupon rate acturn on a bond, the bond will s at a discount, sin by bond n bond with 20 years to maturit Bond A y. B direction do 20 y 20 y tak 5 ye Wh Expl he f bond At maturity, in ars, bondholders of both bond 20 y wait to receive th et to maturity, thc lcss w d "pol bond bond emium (discount $1,00 pon b 4) ABC Co. ha paying bond ty. Wh ImCrCI A bond ty). T CORPORATION TINA CE Assig Government of Canada bond Find the y of a of 3% with a market price of maturing in 25 ye emiannual coupons at an annua paying $9 72%%. T yield by 01709372 yield ty is g 3,447964% g $100 fa 6) You find py y 1, 2020 ding f C Bond Price (S Annual Coupon 132 10% bond or bond. remium Bond D is 32 value), and band C is selling at par selling at a discount price
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