verb style exercise. You can use as a template. Good Luck!

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Rhetoric And Communications

SubjectVerbMy Day at the FairWithout fail the alarm clock rings loudly at 930 in the morning I awake with a smile on my face Erin calls me from the kitchen for breakfast I toddle over to the table The room smells of delicious baked goods and my eyes fall on the source of the aroma Syrup spills over the sides of a plate of food My sister cooked a kind warmhearted compassionate meal for me I thank her fullheartedly We eat the best pancakes ever made and guzzle down glasses full of milk Our tummies filled I check the calendar It furthers my excitement We plan to spend the day at the local fair The newspaper reports sunny skies and warm temperatures Today sounds perfectI prepare for the day I brush my teeth until they sparkle Hoping to match I ask my sister what she wants to wear She laughs at me because no one chooses to put on the same clothes these days I chuckle in agreement I decide instead to dress completely different
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