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American Studies
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American Studies 4420E
Dylan Cyr

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African Americans in America
Thursday March 12, 2015
After Civil Rights, African Americans engaged in class divergence, African Americans
are produced after civil rights, flipside is reform didn’t reach everyone, and some
working class African Americans ended up worse off.
Rise of conservatism cutting back on social programs was difficult on blacks as well, by
90s black middle class was half of the population.
Black middle class obtain white collar work and generally kept par with white middle
80s and 90s were able to leave dying city cores and move to more affluent neighborhoods
90s are about 12% of college students are blacks, up 5%
By 90s, same percentage of blacks and whites finishing high school.
Rise of black middle class caused a desperate fight of an African American plight, caused
an underclass
Ass more successful blacks moved on, the poor remained, 29% of African Americans
lived in poverty in the 90s.
In 90s, only 10% of whites lived in poverty.
Sources of poverty?
after CRM, ther is a combo of white flight and middle class flight of cities
when city loses tax revenue, becomes impoverished
white flight as far back as 1800s
panic selling, and worse after CR act of 1965
flight as class, industry flight
LA own industry flight in the 60s

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African Americans in America Thursday March 12, 2015 After Civil Rights, African Americans engaged in class divergence, African Americans  are produced after civil rights, flipside is reform didn’t reach everyone, and some  working class African Americans ended up worse off.  Rise of conservatism cutting back on social programs was difficult on blacks as well, by  90s black middle class was half of the population.  Black middle class obtain white collar work and generally kept par with white middle  class 80s and 90s were able to leave dying city cores and move to more affluent neighborhoods 90s are about 12% of college students are b
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