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Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 3309
Martin Kavaliers

Connective Tissue Lab Loose Connective Tissue - Very cellular - Contains few amounts of thin collagen fibers - Contains a lot of abundant ground substance - Includes: areolar tissue, reticular tissue, & adipose tissue - Found in: o Beneath epithelial tissue  That covers body surfaces and internal organs o Internal surfaces of the body o Surrounds gland and blood vessels - Function: o Structural support o Holds epithelial tissue and organs in place - Ground substances Present: o Collage fibers (green) o Elastic fibers (orange) - Cells present: o Fibroblasts (blue) o Macrophages o Mast cells (pink)  Contains Granules  Stains with basic dyes o Fat cells (adipocytes) - Image: (Areolar Tissue; Slide 14) - Image: (Loose connective Tissue; slide 146) -
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