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Western University
Anatomy and Cell Biology
Anatomy and Cell Biology 3309
Martin Kavaliers

Simple squamous epithelium - Only one cell layer thick; very thin/flat - Found in: o vascular systems (endothelium) o Body cavities (mesothelium) o Kidney (bowmens Capsule) o Respiratory system - Function: o Active barrier for the exchange of substances o Lines organs and mesenteries - Image: (heart endocardium) o Endocardium lining the heart (blue outline) o Flat nuclei are prominent (green arrow) o Cell boundaries cannot be observed Simple Cuboidal Epithelium - One cell layer thick; cube shaped cells - Found in: o Small ducts of exocrine glands o Pancreas o Surface of ovary o Kidney tubules o Thyroid follicles - Function: o Acts as a barrier o Can act in secretion or absorption - Image: (Kidney) o Kidney tubules (orange outline) o Epithelial cells are square o Free surface is facing the lumen of the tubule (red arrow) - Image: (Pancreas) - Image: (Parotid gland) Simple Columnar Epithelium - One cell layer thick; long rectangle shaped cells - Found in: o Gasteric glands o Intestine o Gall bladder - Function: o Involved in absorbtion of nutrients o Secretion o Protection of surfaces - Image: (Small Intestine) o Simple columnar epithelium lining (purple outline) - Image: (Small Intestine) (PAS) - Image: (Gall Bladder) Ciliated Pseudostratified Columnar Epitheli
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