Cranial Nerves, Bones, Foramen & Brachial Plexus

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Anatomy and Cell Biology
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Anatomy and Cell Biology 3319
David Cechetto

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Cranial Nerve Info Carried MS Origin Formina Terminates Assoc Diseases PNS 1 Olfactory SSmell Olfactory R of Cribiform Plate Olfactory Bulbsnasal cavity 2 Optic SVision Retina Optic canal of orbit Optic Tract3 Oculomotor MPEye movementVentral Midbrain Sup orbital fissure Eye muscle WeaknessParalysis Inferior oblique uplateralstrabismus eyes Sup Inf Medial rectus dont look in same Parasymp innervations to iris sphincter direction papillaeciliary muscles 4 Trochlear MSuperior oblique eyeDoral Midbrain Sup orbital fissure Eye muscle WeaknessParalysis muscle downlateralstrabismus 5 Trigeminal B3 divisions gen somatic sensory Pons Sup orbitalnerves of face opthalamic maxillary fissuremandibular supraorbital Ophthalmic V1 sensory from skin of ant foramen scalp upper eyelid nosenasal cavity Formen cornea lacrimal gland rotundum Maxillary V2 sensory from nasal cavity infraorbital formen skin of cheek upper lip lower eyelid formen ovale palate mandibular Mandibular V3 general sensory from formen mental ant tongue lower teeth skin of chintemp formen scalp motor to mastication musclesproprioception FROM them 6 Abducens MLateral rectus eye muscle Inf Pons Sup orbital fissure Eye muscle WeaknessParalysisstrabismus 7 Facial BPchief motor nerves of facePons Internal acoustic Salivary Glands Bells palsy except chewing meatus into temp tongue lateral 5 branches Temporal Zygomatic Buccal bone aspects of face Mandibular Cervical emerges from Sensory Ant 23 tongue stylomastoid Parasymp lacrimal nasal palatine foramen glands submandibularsublingual salivary glands 8 Vestibulocochlear Smerge of afferent hearingvestib Inner Ear Internal acoustic Brain Stemnerves therefore 2 diff nerves temporal bone meatus ponsmedulla Vestib innervates semicircular canals utricle saccule for balhead orientation Cochlear innervates cochlea for hearing By Aimee Chan
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