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Can make predictions (i. e. predict where bison kill sites might be found) How are sites found: hard to miss (pyramids, parthenon, ancient cities, exception rather than the rule however) Can do on ground or using remote sensing (aerial/satellite photographs) Excavated mostly but not always necessary to dig (i. e. collect and map artifacts on surface of ploughed fields, or remote sensing, ground penetrating radar. : information in sites. Artifacts: objects modified or made by people, things like bones of animals, seed and plants found in sites brought in or modified by people (ecofacts, ecofacts can tell us about culture. Bones with butchering marks (how people processed food, or how they decided if it was food, or resource, or both: what is found depends on preservation conditions. Stone tools stay longer than most, preserve indefinitely. Organics do not preserve for long periods under normal conditions (acidic soils that eat away and destroy the matter) [fabrics, skin, leather, wood]