Anthropology 2216F/G Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Bislama, Ethnography, Cultural Relativism

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-The needs of the present determine the value and nature of the primitive
-Coeval: of the same era or period
-Primitive as denial of coevalness: special distance/distance in time, not part of
contemporary, primitive means first/early, not same history, earlier version of us
-“Live In A Timeless World” not coeval, Westerners play into this idea desire to get
away from 9-5 routine
Film: Cannibal Tours Dennis O’Rourke 1987: far worse after tourists have left
therefore natives feel even more marginalized, reciprocity doesn’t work after
money-economy has been introduced, gender relations have changed in that women
selling more goods than male counterpart (textiles VS carvings)
-Bruner Of Cannibals, Tourists and Ethnographers: tourism like ethnography not
equipped to handle first contact rather does best after other European civilizations
have been there (AKA after primitive culture has been conquered, it can be
reconstituted in tourism). Colonialism, ethnography and tourism have much in
common, they arise from same social formation. For the natives’ col, eth and tourism
are all the same in the sense of foreigners with money and power. To them, we are
the other. Tourism has less to do with what other people are really like and more to
do with how we imagine them. In tourism the 3rd world becomes a playground of
the Western imagination.
-Silverman Cannibalizing, Commodifying, or Creating Culture: Film does as much
to erase or deny empowerment of local people as the tourists it criticizes. Clash
between Western desire for an authentic primitive and local anguish at lack of
money (basically prostitute culture to earn a few dollars). Tourism is a process that
exclusively erodes cultural authenticity. He argues that tourism affords the Sepik
people with opportunities for asserting various forms of cultural hybridity,
resistance and aesthetic innovation.
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