Anthropology 1020E Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: Heritage Tourism, River Boyne, Kennewick Man

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Study anything that has to do with being human/animals. Nthr pos = l gos = = study. Shared patterns of learned behaviors, beliefs and ways of understanding. The characteristics and knowledge of a group of people (e. g. , language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, arts, etc. : material artifacts and structures created and used by the group. What is anthropology: anthropology is the study of human nature, human society and the human past (from. Lavenda & schultz: anthropologists are linked by a core set of interests and concepts: About looking at human and the world they live in from different perspective. Integrated study of human nature and society: all aspects of human life (biology, culture, environment) interact in complex ways. The parts of a whole cannot be understood without reference to the whole. Consider similarities and differences among a wide range of societies in order to make conclusions about human nature, human society and the human past.