Anthropology 1020E Study Guide - Final Guide: Fernando Lugo, Fulgencio Batista, Fidel Castro

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Parts 1 (16 points) - definitions are provided and have to match them with the right terms. Part ii (10 points) requires you to match phrases/slogans used in crude chronicles, struggle for maize and sowing change with their appropriate explanation. Part iii (10 points) requires you to briefly describe 5 latin american political figures noting the country they are associated with and the role-played by each. Iv (15 points) define 5 out of 8 terms. Parts v (16 points) you have to answer 4 out of 6 short answer questions that connect concepts or arguments presented in the course and connect them primarily to movies watched or lecture material not covered in earlier exams. Part vi (25 points) is primarily focused on concepts and arguments covered in struggle for. Tupac amaru: last indigenous monarch of the inca state in peru; executed by the spanish.