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Mid-Term Prep Question Number 2

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Anthropology 1025F/G
Terry Webb

How does primatology help us understand human origins Primatology is the study of the nonhuman members of the order of mammals called primates which includes a wide range of animals from very small nocturnal creatures to gorillas the largest members Cultural Anthropology P 5 Primatologists spend a wide range if their time recording and analyzing the daily lives of primatesthis includes eating habits social interaction leadership patterns and conflict The study of primates is fundamental in understanding human origins as it provides a deeper insight into aspects such as behaviour and languageIn Victoria Gills article for BBC News Chimpanzees 66 Gestures Revealed she writes about the study of wild chimpanzees who use at least 66 distinct gestures to communicate with each otherhttpnewsbbccoukearthhiearthnewsnewsid94750009475408stm The team continues to study what each gesture means but for most the meaning seemed to be obvious as humans make similar
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