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Astronomy 2021A/B Midterm: 3 midterm cheatsheet(ch7+8+9)

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Western University
Astronomy 2021A/B
Martin Zinke- Allmang

If life does indeed exist elsewhere=microbes or other simple life Habitability generally refers= any kind of life The necessary chemical=be widespread throughout the universe Given that organic molecules= either an atmosphere, or The planet Saturn,sunlight= 1100 A newly discovered asteroid of the Aten family= four times as much Photosynthetic life existing= larger, more efficient at All of the most likely alternatives to water= lower temperatures Which ofbiological solvent= all of these are advantages Which ofunique= it expands on freezing If ice were denser than water,=completely freeze Which oftemp range=methanol Even though ethane (C H )= mu2 6lower temperatures What happens totemp= the rate of reaction drops rapidly Molecules like water=polar The strong forces of attraction=hydrogen If we place living cells= their membranes will most Which ofNOT a basic req=oxygen In searching for life in the solar system= the presence of a liquid medium, most likely water The search similar to life on Earth= liquid water Mercury and the Moon=unlike to liquidMercury and the Moon do not have atmospheres= their gravities are too weakWater is present on=ice in polar craters The planet Venus=same size and density Based on its distance from the Sun= a little hotter than the Earth The surface of Venus= has a very thick atmosphere of carbon dioxide How does the surface=higher temp and pressure Most of the carbon dioxide on the Earth= is dissolved in the oceans, forming carbonate rocks Most of the carbon dioxide on Venus= is still present in the atmosphere Venus may have been more Earthlike in the past= the Sun was dimmer, putting out less solar radiation Although very unlikely, if life exists on Venus= floating high in the atmosphere If life exists on Mars= beneath the surface where liquid water may still exist Mars may have been more Earthlike in the past= its atmosphere was thicker and warmer What would probably be the most likely source of energy for life in Jovian atmospheres= chemical reactions powered by lightning The biggest obstacle to life=trong vertical wind speeds In order for life to survive in the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn= be large and buoyant, allowing. If life exists in Uranus and Neptune= in the oceans of liquid ices beneath the surface Some Jovian moons may have liquid water=beneath their surface Europa may have a subsurface ocean= tidal heating from JupiterWhich of the following is NOT property of a dwarf planet= irregular shape Dwarf planets are very similar to= larger Jovian moons Which dwarf planet Dawn = Ceres Which dwarf planet New Horizons=Pluto An extrasolar planet=1.64 10 30 Small bodies like asteroids= have not had liquid water inside Most of the detailed information =robotic spacecraft Which kind of roboticquick look=flyby Which kind of roboticextended period=orbiter Which kind of roboticsurface and atmosp= landerprobe Which kind of roboticsolar=sample return A common way a robotic= a gravitational slingshot from another planet Voyagers 1 and 2= flyby Which ofNOT yet studied=Uranus The Rosetta mission=lander.probeWhich spacecraft dropped a problem=Pioneer10 The Huygens probe= lander The Curiosity rover= landers Hayabusa was an example= sample return Stardust= sample return The Mars Curiosity rover=a skycrane What color does the planet Mars=red Who was the one of the first scientists=William The first person to claim to see=Giovanni Other astronomers were skeptical=when they pointed their own telescopes When Percival Lowell=insanity The public debate=the fist1965 What did the Martian=dry,boulderthe first rover=Sojournercompared to ths atmospheric=much lowerA future astronaut= need to wear a spacesuit at all times The atmosphere of Mars=carbon dioxideCompared to the average=much lower How easy= fairly easy Liquid water cannot exist=ts atmosphere is too thin Seasons on Mars= similar to Earth but are nearly twice as long Seasonal variations= both to its axis tilt and its changing distance from the Sun Due to its elliptical orbit..closer...summer= short and hot closer..winter=short and mildfartherwinter=long and coldfarther..summer=long and coldaverage=long and mildThe residual polar cap=water ice The seasonal polar caps= carbon dioxide ice During winte..northenr= carbon dioxide ice overlaying water Summer= a layer of water ice An image of Mars taken=summercoampare to summer=lowerduring winter..atmosphere= freezes out onto the surface Which of ..Mars NOT cause=hurricanes During summerwind=fromS to N Typically ,color is the Martian sky= yellowbrownmorning and evening=blue The Southern hemisphere of Mars= higher.. covered The Northern hemisphere of Mars=lower.relatively smooth What is one hypothesis= a giant impact blasted away What are the relative ages= the highlands are older than the plainsThe geological history of Mar=eras middle era= Hesperian The southern highlands of Mars= Noachian Significant amounts of liquid= Hesperian Era The most recent time that water appears= Amazonian Era The most important geological process=water erosionoccurring on Mars= wind erosion The Tharsis region= by a plume of molten In the Tharsis region of Mars we find= huge shield volcanoes like Olympus Mons The volcano Olympus Mons= taller .as large as Martian volcanoes are larger=Marss weaker gravity make+ the lack of plate tectonics What is the most likely origin= it is a tectonic fracture Valles Marineris on Mars= much longer and deeper What methodTharsis= counting the craters on their slopes The number of impact craters=for at least 10million Where is probably the best place= in geologically active areas The erosion features= running water The origin of the erosion= one or more of these Approximately how old= 3 billion years The ancient water erosion= warmer, thicker What evidence from the careful examination= all of theseSpectra of the Martian surface t= hydrated clays Which of is NOT a Mars rover=Viking Martian blueberries= Opportunity Gale Crater=Curiosity The lack of any obvious=underground At the Mars Pathfinder= an ancient floodplain Some features on Mars=impacts+light In 2008 the Phoenix= just below the
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