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Astronomy 2021A/B

Practice midtermAST248Life in the UniverseMidterm 1 2132007 In the interest of avoiding any ambiguity or error questions 11 38 43 and 45 are expunged from Midterm 1 They will not be included in the scan 1 If life exists on Mars today it will most likely be found A everywhereon the surface beneath the surface and in its atmosphere B on the surface C beneath the surface D in its atmosphere 2 The first person to suggest that the Earth moved around the Sun was A Aristarchus B Newton C Copernicus D Galileo 3 Due to the vast scale of the universe when we observe a star in the night sky we are seeing it A not as it is now but as it will be in the future B as it was at the moment the universe formed C as it is right now D not as it is now but as it was in the past 4 Compared to its neutral atom an ion has the same number of A protons and neutrons B protons but a different number of neutrons C protons but a different number of electrons D neutrons but a different number of protons 5 Even though the heliocentric model of Copernicus had many advantages over the Ptolemaic model it suffered from the assumption that the A planets moved in ellipses about the Sun B planets moved in perfect circles about the Sun C planets moved in perfect circles about the Earth D Earth was not rotating on its axis 6 Which of the following is an organic molecule A N2H4 B B2O2 C C2H4 D H2O2
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