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Astronomy 2022A/B
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FML NotesLecture 0creation storiesthe Scientific MethodLecture 1 Properties of the Universe1 Spherical EarthGreeks were the first to introduce idea of a round EarthEratosthenes measured the diameter of Earth by analyzing the shadow of columns Fault assumed that the Sun is very far away from Earth which is correct but unverified at the time1Heliocentric Universe Aristotle believed that the Earth was the centre of the Universe geocentric model argument if the Earth was in motion there would be constant howling of windPtolemyidea of retrograde motionplanets moved in epicyclesorbits within orbitsProblems model was complicated wasnt accurate in the longtermCopernican Theorythe planets move in circles around the Sun not the Earthheliocentric modelPros simple no epicycles explains the seasons explains retrograde motionCons cannot predict the positions of the planets any more accurately cannot answer aristotles argument of the absence of windFall of Geocentric SystemBrahe observed the first supernova thus stars are not perfectunchangingGalileo discovered 4 moons orbiting Jupiter not everything orbits EarthKepler planets orbited in ellipses around Sun eliminates epicyclesNewton laws of motion explains how the Earth can move w no wind3 Properties of Stars Parallex d1pd is distance p is parallax angle1 parasec326 lightyearsBessel first parallax for a star61 Cygni1The Milky WayHerschel attempt to determine MW structure by counting stars in all directionsKapteyn the MW is flat of stars in all directions was roughly equal
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