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review for astronomy 1021

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Astronomy 1021
Reynold Silber

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Review 4/2/2013 4:04:00 PM Look at quizzes and lecture questions Our place in the universe The scales of the universe Key features of the local sky Highlighted things in lecture notes The reason for seasons – the axis tilt of the earth The sun’s path in the sky has special characteristics on the equinoxes and solstices **** Phases of the moon and terminology ** First – premiere (P facing light) Last – derniere (d is facing light new moon, third quarter, full moon, first quarter eclipse conditions nicolaus Copernicus who he was what he proposed tycho brahe contributions most accurate naked eye observations keplers laws what they are and what they mean gallileo galilee why is he important contributions certain experiments mass and weight are not the same thing!!!!!!!!!!! Know difference Putting Newtonian gravity and keplers law together tells us that the period/distance relation gives us the total mass of the system Tides happen because of differential gravitational forces Em regimes (electromagnetic) Shortest – longest Not specific lengths, just which ones in order of Electrons in atoms are restricted to particular energy levels There are 3 basic types of spectra: continuous, emission, and absorption Each element has a unique spectral fingerprint Transitions from higher to lower energy levels give a unique pattern of emission lines A continuous spectrum spans a range across the widespread Thermal radiation has 2 important properties Two most important properties of a telescope Light collecting area Angular resolution Observing from earth Ground based obersvations face some challenges Terrestrial and jovian planets Major differences Patterns of motion Everything goes counterclockwise EXCEPT Four features of out solar system Patterns of motion Major types of planets 2 Asteroids and comets Exceptions to rules The nebular theory How solar system was formed Planets and condensation The frost line is the dividing line between where hydrogen compounds can and cant form ice Planets formed in the protoplanetary disk through condensations and accretion Accretion Planetesimals Asteroids and comets are the leftovers from the accretion process Rocky inside fl Icy outside fl The Kuiper belt The oort cloud In radiocactive dating, some isotopes turn into other nuclei Half life Used for The stone ages Ages of earth, oldest moon rocks, oldest meterorites and solar system retrograde motion geocentric model gallileo opums razor newtons laws concepts opaque wave lengths frequency shortest to longest telescopes twinkling stars asteroids found where mostly clockwise planet exception to laws of motion the interior regions of terrestrial planets are different in size  composed of  layers  SPECIAL Planet interiors heating processes  Cooling processes 4 major processes that shape planetary surfaces ***  impact cratering  volcanism  tectonics  erosion different types of volcanism  plains  shielf  strato  io planet active moon volcanism albedo – reflectivity dark reions vs light on moon which is younger (Jupiter) planetary geology terrestrial planet atmospheres  difference day and night greenhouse effect happems when a planets atmosphere traps heat atmosphereic properties vary with altitues  different layers  troposphere  stratosphere  thermosphere  … weather vs climate accreted gas matters (jovian planets)  know jovians by name  know order  composition  Saturn less dense than water ******  Have no solid surfaces  Differentr compounds condense at different depths in the atmosphere
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