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Western University
Astronomy 1021
Stacey Hallman

Astronomy Week 10 – Nov 12   th Lifetimes Illustrated • How much faster than the sun is a 10 solar mass star consuming its fuel? o A: 10,000 times faster • A 10M sun star to the sun has 10 times as much fuel as the Sun Star Clusters • Two types of clusters: o Open clusters: up to several thousands of stars, typically 30 light­years  across. In the galactic plane e.g.: Pleiades o Globular clusters: millions of stars, in the halo of the Galaxy. E.g.: M13 in  Hercules  Clusters • Stars in clusters are about the same age, but not the same mass • HR diagram for these clusters reveals their age As old as it looks • The most massive stars die first, so after typically 10 million years, the most massive stars are less than 10 solar masses • Thus the HR diagram is missing the high-mass stars (because the stars are gone). • And thus, the “turn-off” point determines the age of the cluster! MS Lifetimes • Clusters are the living proof that more massive stars have shorter MS lifetimes. • With mass determining everything about the stars, let’s have a look at what stellar masses typically are, and how many stars have what mass. Stellar Masses on the MS • Lowest mass for MS stars : 0.08 MSun or about 80MJup. This limit is fairly well determined. • Highest mass for MS stars : about 100 Msun. Not so well determined. • Why are there no stars with masses less then 0.08 Msun ? o Not dense enough, cores don’t get hot enough to generate energy • Why are there no stars with masses more tha
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