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Astronomy 1021
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AstronomyChapter 3The Science of Astronomy31 The Ancient Roots of ScienceScience in its modern form requires painstaking attention to detail relentless testing of each piece of information to ensure its reliability and a willingness to give up old beliefs that are not consistent with observed facts about the physical worldCentral Africa first started using the position of the moon to detect weather patterns crescents were hornsAncients used the changing positions of the sun moon and stars to keep track of the time and seasonsoAlso used for agricultureThe seven days of the week were named after the seven nakedeye objects that appear to move among the constellations and the 5 planets recognized in ancient times Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus SaturnSundials andobelisks towers were used to tell timeAM means before middle of the day PM means postmiddle of the dayEgyptians began using star clocks then changed to water clocks 1500 BCsort of thworks like an hour glass 17 century were mechanical clocks then electronic clocks in ththe 20 centuryStonehenge was made to track the seasonsLunar cycles are 19 yearsoCave paintings in France could mean they were tracking lunar phasesLibrary Alexandria had over a half million books and was the largest library in the world Ended up getting destroyed32Ancient Greek ScienceGreeks helped pave the way for modern science using these three major innovationsoThey developed a tradition of trying to understand nature without relying on supernatural explanations communally challenging and debating each others ideasoThey used math to give precision to their ideas this allowed them to explore the implications of new ideas in much greater depth
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