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Astronomy 1021
Jan Cami

Galactic Recycling stargasstar cycle Stars are born from and return most of their mass containing heavier elements to the interstellar medium so new stars can form We live in the local bubble a hot bubble ionized gasmeans SNs must have gone off near us a few million years ago Can trace SN through Xrays Can trace molecular clouds through radio emission of the CO molecule CO line emissionMC found in spiral arms Gas clouds compress when they move into spiral arms and start star formationDifferential Rotation Stars closer to galactic center orbit faster Stars farther out orbit more slowly Disk stars circular orbit Halo stars elliptical orbit More mass equals faster orbit in starsSpeed declines as radius increases Keplers Law Finding mass from velocity using Doppler shiftPopulation of Stars Stars mostly H and He Stars with many absorption lines from heavier elements high metal starspopulation I stars found in disk and spiral arms young stars Stars with few absorption line and those almost exclusively from H and He low metal starspopulation II stars Found in halo globular clusters or central bulge old stars When distance doubles brightness decreases by a factor of 4Standard Candles Identical light sources and being able to determine the distance to the nearest oneParallax Used to determine the distance of nearby stars appear to move compared to its background Variable stars stars change brightness over time Pulsating stars contract and expand on a regular basisvariable starsOften very luminous
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