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Astronomy 1021
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Astronomy8Formation of the Solar SystemNebular hypothesisoSolar System is formed from the gravitational collapse of an interstellar cloud of gasProperties of our solar system that a formation theory must explainPatterns of motion of the large bodiesOrbit in same direction and planeExistence of two types of planetsTerrestrial and JovianExistence of smaller bodiesAsteroids and cometsNotable exceptions to usual patternsRotation of Uranus Earths Moon etcNebular hypothesisoPrinciplesThe Solar System was formed from the gravitational collapse of an interstellar cloud of dust and dustthe solar nebulaApply fundamental laws of physics that we know from EarthoSupportStars forming in other interstellar clouds of gasoTheoryAll particles will attract each other through the force of gravity and thus exert a force on each other which make them moveGravity will cause an inward motion gravitational collapseWith this starting point we then just let the laws of physics run their course
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