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Astronomy 1021
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Astronomy7Our Planetary SystemAll 3 techniques used in studying our solar system imaging spectroscopy timingWe can measure the angular diameter of planets using telescopesHow to get mass Observe moons going around planet measure angular distancesorbits and periodsoFrom mass and size we get density which tells you what the planets made ofTelescopes pros and consoHampered by location on or around EarthoLots of new objects to findoCan be used longterm and upgradedoCan study many objectsSpacecrafts pros and consoCan get closer to solar system objects better spatial resolutionoLong time to build launch traveloVery expensiveThe Solar System consists of theoSuno8 planets M V E M J S U No170 known moonso5 dwarf planetsoBillions of smaller bodies asteroids comets Kuiper Belt ObjectsThe SunoThe Sun is composed of mostly hydrogen and helium and contains 999 of the solar systems massoConverts 4 million tons of mass into energy each second
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