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Biochemistry 2280A
Christopher Brandl

Topic 11Metabolism and enzyme regulation basic conceptsReadings p8182 149153By the end of this topic you should be able toExplain what a metabolic pathway is what flux is and the difference between catabolism and anabolismBased on G differentiate between reversible and irreversible reactionsBased on G predict whether a reaction in a pathway is likely to be regulatedCompare and contrast regulation of enzymes of metabolic pathways by allostery and by covalent modification of proteinsMetabolism is the combined sum of the chemical reactions that occur in living organisms Metabolism is traditionally divided into catabolism or the breaking down of large molecules into smaller ones and anabolism or the combining of small molecules to make larger ones Fig 32 p82 Metabolic pathways are coordinated series of reactions catalyzed by enzymes and designed to make specific products Fig 31 p82 As a general rule catabolic pathways provide energy and reducing power to the cell while anabolic pathways consume energy and reducing powerNot every metabolic pathway that occurs in an organism occurs in every cell Some pathways take place only in specific cellular locations or in specific organs or tissuesIn a living cell molecules flow through each metabolic pathway at some rate called the flux For the cell to function efficiently it must be able to change the flux of molecules through each pathway Control of flux is achieved by altering enzymatic activity an
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