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Christopher Brandl

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Topic 13AcetylCoA part 1 The citric acid cycleReadings p436439 440443 456458By the end of this topic you should be able toIdentify the different metabolic fates of pyruvate and how these pathways are relatedDescribe the structure of the mitochondrionState the net reactions for the conversion of pyruvate to acetylCoA and CO and for the 2citric acid cycle including stoichiometriesState the metabolic circumstances under which oxidation of pyruvate and the citric acid Glycolysis takes place in the cytoplasm producing pyruvate We have already seen that under anaerobic conditions pyruvate can be fermented to lactate or ethanol Pyruvate can also be used to make glucose when necessary In this topic we will see a third metabolic fate of pyruvate Under aerobic conditions pyruvate produced by glycolysis is transported into mitochondria where it is oxidized to form CO2Mitochondrial StructureFig 144 p457 Movie 141The mitochondrion is an organelle with two membranes The outer membrane has many pores embedded in it and is freely permeable to most solutes of low molecular weighthas selective permeability meaning that up to about 5000 Da The inner membraneions and charged molecules can only cross it if a
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