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Western University
Biochemistry 2280A

Biochemistry Lecture No2 ProteinsAmino AcidsthThursday September 7 2012BiochemistryBiochemistry is the study of life at the molecular level It is a field of science closely linked to molecular biology and focuses upon the four main molecules responsible for life proteins lipids carbohydrates and nucleic acidsThe Central Biological DogmaThe central dogma in biology conveys the notion that all life forms store genetic information in the form of DNA which can be copied and transferred in the form of RNA through transcription It is here that this information is interpreted as codons for amino acids that give rise to proteins the ultimate expression of genes by way of the process of translationIn summary Francis Crick was of the opinion that all nucleic acids in an organisms genome would eventually become expressed in the form of proteinsExceptions To The Central DogmaAs credible as the central dogma appears there are certain biological factors that actually violate this reasoning These include epigenetic factors micro RNA and posttranslational modificationEpigenetic factors refers to environmental influences that attribute to disruptions in normal transcription of DN
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