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Vitamin DD2 from diet D3 synthesized in skin using the sun they are identical in functionVitamin D is hydroxylated to 25OHD in the liver by 25 hydroxylase and then transported to kidney and hydroxylated again by 1 hydroxylase into 125 OH 2 D the active formProduction is controlled by Ca P04 and PTHHypercalcemia and hyperphosphatemia reduces production by inhibiting 1 hydroxylase125OHD also regulates its own concentration by negative feedback PTH and Hypophosphatemia stimulate hydroxylation of Vitamin D through 1 hydroxylaze Hypo calcemia stimulates PTH production Physiological Activitysteroid hormone travels through membranes to nuclear receptor In bone it stimulates minerlization In kidney it stimulates Ca and P04 resorption and in intestine it stimulates Ca and P04 absorption Sourcessunlight exposure90 in bloodseason aging sunscreen and skin pigmentation all affect absorptionfound in salmon tuna liver eggs and milkDeficiency caused by minimal sun ex
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