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Western University
Biochemistry 4450A
Caroline Schild- Poulter

INTRODUCTION – Study Questions Lecture 2: The Hallmarks of Cancer 1. What are the 4 recurring themes? 2. What is the difference between controlling cancer and curing cancer? Which is the ideal situation? 3. What is tumor cell heterogeneity? 4. What is a hallmark? 5. What is a tumor? 6. What is tumor biology? 7. What is tumorigenesis? 8. What are the 10 hallmarks or characteristics of cancer? 9. What is required for cells to grow? What is the importance of oncogenes? What strategies do cancer cells use to acquire growth signal autonomy? 10. What is the importance of negative regulation of cell proliferation? What occurs in cancer cells? Which genes are commonly mutated? 11. How does apoptosis occur? How is it induced? How do cancer cells become resistant to apoptosis? 12. How does redundancy of genes cause problems for cancer treatments? 13. What is the replicative potential of normal somatic cells? H
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