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Biology 1001A

Mid term Review  Macshack answering questions: teach (HIV and biodiversity)  o CCR5 delta 32 mutation protected to HIV but are prone to other diseases like west nile virus o  its like a trade off, that you get one and you lose one o Relative protostome to deuterostome -> humans are deuterostome o  protostome are insects and others  more protostome than deuterostome o humans are more related to chimps than gorillas o eukaryotes are the only ones that are multicellular, the three kingdoms of eukaryotes that are multicellular is: o  animals  plants  fungi o virus does not know that their host is taking AZT or any other anti drugs o  when exposed to a drug, only the ones with the resistance will survive and reproduce o does AZT inhibits normal DNA replication o  no, DNA polymerase can distinguish between normal thymine and AZT o CCR5 delat 32 is incomplete dominant o  2 copies will protect good  Haffie answering questions: (lecture 5 - 11)  o what is the c-value enigma o  why does rice have more DNA than humans  why do one frog have more o if one allele by itself (heterozygote) make the creature look the same as a homozygote then its dominant o  if one allele cannot sufficient make a heterozygotes look like homozygotes its incomplete dominance  if both alleles contributes to it then its codominant o when a chromosome replicates o  the coefficient of
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