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Biology 1001a, 2011, Midterm Practice.pdf

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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

MidtermSample Questions Biology 1001A Page 1 of 9 Note that these questions DO NOT represent a practice testThey are simply those questions from last years term test that are relevant for this yearAnswers will be posted on October 27 1 Picture a cell in its final round of the cell cycle before entering meiosisWhich of the following would be more plentiful at the end of S phase relative to the beginning A new combinations of alleles B homologous pairs C chromatids Dreplication bubbles 2 The lecture on mitosis used some striking multicoloured images created by a microscopy technique called immunofluorescenceThis technique uses a specially fluorescent antibody that binds onto specific proteins in a cellWhich protein must an antibody bind to in order to identify the mitotic spindle A keratin B tubulin C actin Dchromatin 3 Despite appearing regularly as X shapes in biology textbooks chromosomes only take on such morphology when they are highly condensedDuring which phase of the mitotic cell cycle would you most likely observe X shaped chromosomes A G2 of interphase B prophase C metaphase Danaphase 4What role do kinetochores play in the inheritance of samenessA They provide a site of attachment for microtubules to separate chromatids properly B They ensure that mistakes made during DNA replication are repaired CThey prevent cycling of G cells into mitosis until all chromosomes are replicated2D They provide multiple locations for replication to begin on very long chromosomes 5 The common goldfish has 50 pairs of homologous chromosomesHow many chromatids would there be in a cell at metaphase of meiosis II A 200 B 100 C 50 D25
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