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Western University
Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

LUCA: - 3 domains - Cells are based on lipids - Genetic system based on DNA - Dna to rna to protein transfer of info - Common system of protein assembly - ATP - Glucose to glycolysis - All are descendants from a common ancestor - What do they all share: - Cellular respiration - RNA - Metabolism nucleic acids (DNA) - Why do they all have DNA, Ribosomes - It was the last known ancestor of early life - LUCA is the organism that survived as it had the necessary characteristics to survive and make the 3 domains What characteristics were used to build this tree? Characteristic: - 1 gene! Similar in each sequence, but different sequence in each domain - No morphology (bacteria vs. archea) - Morphology: - Prokaryotes: anything that is in that group is evolutionarily related, but the tree shows not possible, as Bac and arc are distinct and NOT evolutionarily related - PRO before, prokaryote before nucleus, nucleus is derived from a cell that didn’t’t have one! WHICH is wrong - LUCA protoeukaryote? - Reductive evolution: Streamlining, removing complexity - Reproduce faster - Evolve faster - Allow bac and arch to be in very extreme environments, can adapt naturally to any environment extremophiles Stages of Prebiotic Evoulution: - Need: Abiotic synthesis - Heritable information - Cells - Metabolism - Before cells, Amnio acids and stuff produced by chemistry of the earth Miller-Urey experiment: Showed: - Abiotic synthesis of macromolecules - Amnio acids -
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