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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

Lecture 23 Competitive Asymmetry two different populations living together one usually controls the spread of the otherSpecies Richness number of different species in a given area more species as you get closer to the equator Species Evenness how close in numbers each species is in a given environmentSpecies Diversity an index that incorporates the number of species in an area as well as their relative abundance refers to how common or rare a species is relative to other species in a given areaTrophic Levels levels in an ecosystem consisting of organisms sharing the same function in the food chainFood ChainComplex Community many species per trophic level and many trophic levelsAre they more stableo More resilient to ecological disturbanceIt depends Grazing food web above ground Detrital food web decomposing food webtransferred energy from grazing food webKeystone Specieshave major effects relative to abundance or total biomass on an ecological community Keystone Species are usually keystone predators which increase richness If removed usually diversity decreasesotters eating sea urchins preventing them from eating the kelp forestEquilibrium theory of island biodiversity Islands farther away from the mainland and that are smaller have less species on them than islands that are larger and closer to the mainland Big islands have more species because their immigration rate is higher they are bigger targets and extinction rates are higher on smaller islands Islands far from land have few species because their extinction rates are larger
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