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Lecture 24Ecosystem EcologyoCommunity different populations interacting with each other in a particular placeoEcosystembroader level of organization than just the community includes the community and also takes into account the abiotic components of the environmentoEcosystems are open systems with respect to energy nutrients and individuals Any ecosystem on earth requires a source of input usually solar energy but many also have energy out puts give off energyoNutrients can also enter and leave ecosystemsoCan be broken down into two broad termsProduction new biomass is being created from inorganic substancesConsumption biomass that has been already created is converted into new formsAutotrophsprimary producers make their own food from inorganic substancesConsumers carnivores herbivores detritivores are all called heterotrophsTheres also energy and nutrients that are a part of ecosystemsWhere does the energy come fromoIn 999 of ecosystems energy comes from the sunsolar energy The producers are able to harness light energy via photosynthesis photoautotrophsoSome ecosystems use chemical energy chemoautotrophs rely on chemical energy to create biomasses Found in areas where the sun does not shine for example deep sea ventsAlso below the surface of the earth certain microbial organisms rely on radioactive energyNutrientsoAny chemical element or compound that is needed for living things to grow or reproduceoOrganic or inorganicOrganic is anything including carbon except for carbon dioxide and carbonates dissolved in water
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