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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

BIOLOGY 1223 December 2008 Page 1 of 8Circle the best single letter choice for each of the following questions before transferring your answers to your computer sheet D genetic drift 1 Which of the following ideas is not E natural selection included in modern evolutionary theory 5 The HardyWeinberg Equilibrium statesA Natural selection drives allthat evolutionary change so does mutation migration mate selection A there is a predictable constant genetic drift distribution of phenotypes in any B The great variety of species alive today population that is not evolving22resulted from the diversification of 2pqq pancestral species B populations can evolve only if the forces C Natural selection preserves adaptive of natural selection act on them traits C large populations N1000 with great D Genetic drift may eliminate both adaptive genetic variability are less likely to evolve and non adaptive traits than are smaller populations N100 E All organisms that have ever existed arose with less genetic variability through evolutionary modifications of D populations evolve only when ancestral species environmental conditions change E evolution does not occur naturally rather 2 An individuals biological fitness is it is a result of human interference eg measured by animal breeding A its relative contribution to the gene 6 A population of mice is at HardyWeinberg pool of the next generation produce equilibrium at a gene locus that controls viable offspring fur color The locus has two alleles M and B its ability to compete with other m A genetic analysis of one population individuals for key resources reveals that 60 of its gametes carry the C its resistance to disease and parasites M allele What percentage of mice contain D its ability to survive relative to other both the M and m alleles individuals E how early it can begin to reproduce A 48 p06 q04 2pq048 B 60 3 A gene pool can best be described as C 40 D 36 A the total number of gene loci that E 16 occurs in each species all genes and alleles in the gene pool of a species 7 A rare lethal recessive allele r occurs B that group of genes in a genome that are with a frequency of one in a thousand Weinberg equilibrium in Hardy001In a town of 14000 people C that group of genes responsible for approximately how many people wouldpolygenic traitscarry this rare allele D the total collection of genes in anindividual organismA 28 p0999 q0001 E those genes found only in isolated B 140 populations C 280 D 465 4 Which of these evolutionary factors will E 857 not alter allele frequencies in a HardyWeinberg populationA random matingno mate selection B migration C mutation Student numberCode 000Code 000Code 000Code 000Code 000
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