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Biology 1001A
Tom Haffie

ConceptsMain activity associated with each stage of mitosis Prophase Chromatin condenses into visible chromosomes Chromosomes are present all the time in the nucleusCant see them as separate structure all the timeonly when condensed can they be seenPrometaphaseMicrotubules originate from spindle poleMicrotubules looking for kinetochoreAttach to KinetochoreEverything will line up along the metaphase plate and the spindles will attach to kinetochore of each chromosomeChromatid is one side of replicated chromosomeChromatin is all the chromosomes and protein in nucleus MetaphaseChromatids align at central plate Cell cycle check pointwont proceed beyond metaphase until all of the chromosomes are attached to microtubulesonly then will to proceed to anaphase AnaphaseChromatids are separated pulled apart and migrate to opposite pollsMicrotubule motor protein walking along microtubule and pulling them towards the poleMicrotubule motor protein dissolves cause microtubules to shorten and pull the chromatids to separate ends Telophase and CytokinesisMicrofilaments neededmade of actinto pinch of the two daughter cells in cytokines in order for the cell to divideActin are involved in contraction they work with myosin and contract to cut the cell in two When spindles cant find chromatids as there arent enough they find each other and push against them This causes chromosomes to end up near the poles and thus in opposite cellsProcesses that depend on mitotic cell division in animals plants and microbesGrowthRepairReproduction plantsgamete productionCharacteristics of microtubules microfilaments and intermediate filaments as they pertain to cell division
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