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sem 2 lecture 1-9 notes

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Sample Questions 2013 Biology 1002B Page 1 of 8 The following questions appeared on a previous midterm and provide an example of some of the styles of questions you might expect on the upcomi ng Term Test. This collection is not balanced to reflect the particular outcomes of the current course. 1. Which of the following statements about the Northern blot shown below is correct? A. There is more ribosomal RNA in the 4h lane than in the 1h lane. B. More probe is bound to the 4h lane than to the 1h lane. C. At 24h the cells are probably dead as all gene expression has stoppe d. D. The gene displays constitutive expression. 2. What information does a Western blot provide? A. mRNA abundance B. Protein abundance C. Enzyme activity D. Rate of transcript turnover (mRNA stability) 3. Which of the following statements about protein folding is correct? 1. There is only one native conformation for each protein. 2. A protein arrives at its native confirmation only after passing through all other possible conformations. 3. The hydrophobic effect often plays an important role in protein folding. 4. Chaperones are required for all proteins to fold correctly. A. 1,2 and 3 B. 1 and 3 C. 2 and 4 D. 4 only E. All of 1, 2, 3 and 4 are correct. 4. What type of bonding is found in bo th secondary and tertiary protein structur e? A. Ionic bonding B. Hydrogen bonding C. Covalent bonding D. Hydrophobic interactions 5. Why doesn't life go against the second law of thermodynamics? A. Because organisms maintain high entropy by bringin g in food molecules. B. Because the second law applies only to isolated systems - life is a closed system. C. Because all the reactions that take place in a cell are spontaneous. D. Because organisms give off heat, making the surroundings more disordere d. Sample Questions 2013 Biology 1002B Page 2 of 8 6. Which of the following is a conclusion arising from the fact that ice melts spontaneously at room temperature? A. All energy requiring reactions must be exergonic. B. Entropy decreases as a solid changes into a liquid. C. Entropy must increase in all exergonic reactions. D. Endothermic reactions may be exergonic. 7. In what way is ATP breakdown in coupled reactions different than ATP hydrolysis? A. More energy is released when ATP is hydrolyzed. B. ATP breakdown requires an enzyme, whic h provides additional energy. C. In ATP breakdown there is direct transfer of the phosphate group to the substrate. D. Unlike hydrolysis, ATP breakdown during energy coupling is an endergonic process. 8. Which of the following examples illustrates the first law of thermodynamics? A. Laptops generate a lot of heat. B. The loss of that "new car smell". C. A car only uses about 25% of the energy in gasoline. D. Energy from Niagara Falls can be used as a source of electricity (Hydro). 9. What does an enzyme do? A. It increases the rate of a spontaneous reaction. B. It lowers the activation energy of an endergonic reaction. C. It provides additional energy to drive non -spontaneous reactions. D. It increases the free energy change (ΔG) of an exergonic reaction. 10.Which statement about the active site of an enzyme is correct? A. It is the site of binding of non-competitive inhibitors. B. It can be identified given the primary sequence of the enzyme. C. It is never altered by a change in the conformation of the enzyme. D. It forces substrate molecules into their transition state conformation. 11.For some molecules, facilitated diffusion has little effect on the transport rate across membranes. Which of the following molecules is a good example of this? A. N 2 + B. Na C. Sucrose D. 2,4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid 12. What is the effect of the ΔF508 mutation in CFTR? A. The mutation prevents transcription of the ΔF508 gene. B. Transcription of the mutated gene produces an mRNA that cannot be translated. C
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