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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Types of RNA mRNA-can pair w/itself, pairs w/rRNA (SD Box and docking), pairs w/DNA -in the nucleus, leaves the nucleus only to be translated - it’s structure contains information... so does it’s sequence -ribo-switch influences translation of mRNA tRNA- can pair w/itself, pairs w/start codons, help w/ the pairing of anticodons w/codons to make amino acids, pairs w/DNA - functions outside the nucleus rRNA-can pair w/itself, pairs w/mRNA (SD Box)this pairing docks the ribosomes onto the mRNA to start translation, pairs w/DNA -functions outside the nucleus -has enzymatic ability snRNA- pairs w/mRNA -functions inside the nucleus -recognizes splice signals in the mRNA... therefore splice signals must be in the DNA but are only understood as mRNA by snRNA and snRNPs (protein) microRNA-pairs w/itself - it associates with a dicer which cuts the RNA into many pieces which then attract other proteins which then bind to a single strand of RNA and then pairs w/ mRNA and inhibits translation/ degrades RNA all kinds of RNA will pair w/DNA since they are made from DNA in transcription Signals promoter- regulatory part -attract the attention of RNA polymerase this binds to the promoter and begins transcription here HOWEVER THE PROMOTER ITSELF IS NOT TRANSCRIBED -understood as DNA -position AND direction dependent terminator sequence- regulatory information to stop transcription - only works after it has been transcribed - forms a hair-pin loop which knocks off the polymerase - understood as RNA start codon- is the first to be translated, it is not the first to be transcribed -understood as RNA 5’UTR- upstream of the start codon Untranslated regionTHIS IS TRANSCRIBED BUT NOT TRANSLATED (helps w/the SD box) stop codon- promotes the binding of release factors and then the ribosome simply falls off - is NOT TRANSLATED - UAA, UAG, UGA and AUG (tRNA) -understood as RNA SD Box- on the mRNA and binds w/ rRNA to dock the ribosome to the mRNA - understood as RNA coding region- transcribed and
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