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Biology 1002B

Purpose: To check the validity of the principle of conservation for linear momentum using two dynamics carts pushed apart from rest by an “Explosive” force. Materials:  Triple beam balance  Grooved Tracks  Meter Scale  2 C-clamps  2 dynamic Carts (one with spring)  2 loads (approximately 500g)  2 wooden blocks to fix the end position of the track  Marker or chalk Diagram: Procedure: 1. Place the grooved track on a flat surface, and place two wooden blocks on each side and attach them by using two C-clamps, one on each side. 2. Make sure that the track is levelled. 3. Measure the mass of two dynamic carts and two loads on the triple beam balance and record the mass. 4. Pushing the spring in of the cart, place both carts on the horizontal grooved track, facing each other, such a way that the wheels of both the carts are on the grooves of the track. 5. Use weight to tap the tip of the spring cart, to release the “explosive” force and exert it onto the other cart. 6. Observe the motion of the two carts. 7. Practice, doing this until you hear one simultaneous sound when both the carts hit the wooden blocks placed on each side. 8. If you do not hear one sound, repeat steps 5-7; but change the starting position of the carts so that they hit the wooden blocks at the same time. 9. Measure and record the displacement of each cart travelled; make sure one cart will have negative displacement. 10. Perform several trials for accurate results. 11. Repeat steps 4-10 again by placing a 500g mass on Cart A; by placing a 500g mass on Cart B, and by placing a mass of 500g on Cart A and Cart B. Observation  m A 0.5002KG and additional load for cart A= 0.5024KG  m B 0.4781KG and additional load for Cart B = 0.5012KG  Displacement of Cart A is positive and since cart B is travelling in opposite direction; displacement of Cart B is negative. Total Change Total Change in mass of in mass distance % Sequence Description A distanc m A d A of B of B MB× d B Error m A e of A M B dB(m) (KG) dA(m) (KG) 1 ‘A’ and ‘B’ 0.5002 0.43 0.2151 0.478 -0.44 -0.2104 -1.0223 2.23 both 1 unloaded 2 ‘A’ loaded 1.0026 0.29 0.2908 0.478 -0.58 -0.2773 -1.0487 4.87 ‘B’ 1 unloaded 3 ‘B’ loaded 0.5002 0.56 0.2801 0.979 -0.31 -0.3036 -0.9226 7.74
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