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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Bio Notes: 2 semester Lecture 1 and 2: How to measure complexity:  Genome size: total number of genes in an organism  Gene (copy) number: Number of copies of a gene resulting from gene duplication.  Increase in the size of organisms over the course of evolution  The number of genes that code encode for proteins  The number of parts or units in an organism (segment, organs, tissues)  The number of cell types possessed by an organism  Increased compartmentalization, specialization over course of evolution  The number of gene, gene networks, or cell to cell interactions required to form the parts of an organism  The number of interactions between parts of an organism, reflecting increasing functional complexity over course of evolution. Note: most common measure of complexity I number of differnet types of cells possessed by an organism. Lecture 4 and 5: Isolated system: a system that doesn’t exchange matter or energy with surroundings. Closed system: exchanges energy with surroundings Open system: exchanges both matter and energy with surroundings. First law of thermodynamics: energy can neither be created nor destro
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