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Exam bio pick up lines -Memory saver for exams!

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

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The Best Pick-up Lines Of Bio 1002B I’m like an electron in P680; its take energy to get me off. I hope you have a negative redox potential and give it [e-] up easy tonight. Baby I hate to degrade you like this, but you gotta show me what you look like unfolded tonight. I must warn you, I’m a lot like a phospholipid bilayer; the head really likes to be wet. I’m large and have charge. So I will need some assistance getting passed that membrane of yours. - “do you have any ATP?” Tonight will be anabolic. Sure it will require some energy, but we will start off small and produce a much larger and stronger ending. Enzyme to substrate: “I know I look big, but you will fit nicely into my active site.” Hello Carbon dioxide and Oxygen. My name is Rubisco, and yes I go both ways. (I can bind to both of you; but not at the same time. -it could get competitive) Sure she may be hot, but that girl is like rubisco, every carbon in this bar has gone through her at some point in it’s life. The making of ATP is no different than any relationship. First, you have to invest a little. Give up an ATP, do couples shit… But then you get the payoff. in the end, you’ll get out more than you put in. Unless you get me that enzyme, its going to take a lot to help me over my peak tonight. Light going back to ground state is like pornstar; its either gets really hot, slows the pace and starts to fluoresce, transfers locations, or we harness that up and make her do work You made me so excited i reached a peak and absorbed you. You are just like visible light; always present in abundance and perfect to be absorbed right into me Amino acid pick up line: “I hope the messenger translates this correctly, beca
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