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Past Midterm - December 2006 (with answers)

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Western University
Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

Dec 06 Biology 0221 of 9 Circle the best single letter choice for each of the following questions before transferring your answers to your computer sheet1 By the Devonian the development ofallowed an adaptive radiation of land plants A sporangia B fluid transport mechanisms C leaves D stomata E All of A B C and D are correct 2 Pitcher plants provideniches for mosquito larvae Wyeomyia smithii They provide similar niches for 1 ants 2 midge larvae Metriocnemus knabii 3 caterpillars of moths Eryxia fax and Papaipema appasionatai 4 rotifers Habrotrocha rosa A 1 2 and 3 B 1 and 3 C 2 and 4 D 4 only E All of A B C and D are correct 3 Pitcher plants such as Sarracenia purpurea obtain nitrogen from insect prey and from rotifer excretory products This also is true ofA other pitcher plants B sundews C venus fly traps D water wheels E None of A B C or D is correct4 These two pictures show different partsPicture 1Picture 2 of a pitcher plant as seen in lecturenectarydigestive zone APicture 1 is an SEM of a nectary BPicture 2 is a light micrograph of a nectary CPicture 1 is a light micrograph of a nectary DPicture 2 is an SEM of the digestive zone EC and D only are correctStudent numberCode 111Code 111Code 111Code 111Code 111
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