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Past Midterm - October 2006 (with answers)

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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

October 2006Biology 022Page 1 of 12Circle the best single letter choice for each of the following questionsbefore transferring your answers to your computer sheet1Which of the following images of chromosomes was made by fluorescence light microscopy ABC from class DE 2Typical eukaryotic cells fall into the size range ofA1 to 10 mB10 to 100 mC1 to 10 mmD10 to 100 mmE10 to 100 nm 3Eukaryotic cells responsible for the synthesis of large quantities of protein for export eg keratin for fingernails would be expected to have relatively abundantADNABgolgiCrough ERDsmooth EREmitochondria 4Cells lining the rumen are firmly secured one to the next by Agap junctionsBtight junctionsCplasmodesmataDtonoplastsEcell wallsGap junctions are for communication not anchoring Student number Code 111 Code 111 Code 111 Code 111 Code 111October 2006Biology 022Page 2 of 125Typical members of the Domains of Bacteria and Archaea are similar in that they are both prokaryoticHowever they are different in that only the Archaea have anAassociation of DNA with histonesBcircular chromosomeCnuclear envelopeDunicellular bodyEcell wallOne of the ways that Archaea resemble eukaryotes From table Chap 27 6The cancer drug Taxol interferes with the separation of sister chromatids during anaphase of mitosisA potential mechanism of Taxols action is inhibition ofAkinetochore motor proteinsBsignals that prevent apoptosisCformation of cyclinCDK complexesDactin contraction along the cell plateEtubulin polymerization in intermediate filaments 7Recall that Tom dissected a gall on the stem of a goldenrod plant in classBefore being stimulated to divide in response to insect infection the cells of that mature stem were likely inof the cell cycleAG0BG1CSDG2EM 8Plant cells may divide along any one of three different planes of symmetryThe particular plane to be chosen at any given division is determined by theAlocation of bands of microtubulesBposition ofthe central vacuole tonoplastCformation of new cell wall after cytokinesisDalignment of chromosomes on the metaphase plateEcommunication with adjacent cells through desmosomesmicrofilamentsSee lecture slide9After completing DNA replication cells will not actually enter mitosis until theAtelomeres are all sufficiently elongatedBhomologues have all paired with partnersCkinetochores all have microtubules attachedDcyclinCDK complex MPF is activatedEnuclear lamins have disintegrated 10A nucleosome is aApore in the nuclear membrane allowing mRNA to pass into the cytoplasm Bnetwork of interlaced intermediate filaments supporting the nucleusCstructure resulting from the association of DNA with histone proteinsDconcentrated area of ribosomal RNA within the nucleus Ecentral region of chromatin within prokaryotic cells Student number Code 111 Code 111 Code 111 Code 111 Code 111
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