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Past Midterm - March 2006 (with answers)

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Western University
Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO B I O L O G Y0 2 2 March 72008 Time 2 12 Hours Student NoTest RoomRow INSTRUCTIONSFOLLOW THE CHECK LIST On your Scantron sheet Fill the bubbles completelyPrint clearly Print nameUse HB pencil onlyDo your best SignatureNo stray marks or doodlesMaxwell Haffie InstructorMake all erasures completeBio 22 CourseYesCalculators are permittedPrint clearly Bubble neatlyStudent number nonprogrammable onlyExam Code 111Very important Leave it blank Section NoBorrowing is not allowedLeave it blank Answer SheetDo not write your name on the cover On your Test BookYour Scantron answers will be emailed to No names please Student number your UWO email account within a weekThe room youre in right now Test Room Review copies of this test will posted We will tell you this Row number on WebCT for study purposes Indicate your answers in the test book Leave no questions blank4 Indicate your answers in both the test paper and on the 1 Please place your ID prominently on your desk and sign the Scantron attendance sheet when it comes to you 5 It is your responsibility to transfer all answers from the test 2 There are 56 questions in this testCheck your paper book to the Scantron sheet within the 2 12 hour test carefully period 3 There is only one fully correct answer for each question6 When finished please stay seated and raise your hand Part marks may be awarded Answer all questions We do not subtract wrong from right 7 We will collect both your test book and your Scantron sheetWarning The Scantron marking program has a cheating analysis feature that compares answer patterns for all papers It alerts us to similaritiesWe then check seating arrangementsDo not sit near your study partners or write the same test codesKeep your work directly in front of you Please help us avoid any and all misunderstandings during these testsComments Please defend your arguments on this page onlyComments will not be accepted after the testMarch 2008 Biology 022 Page 1 of 11 Circle the best single letter choice for each of the following questions before transferring your answers to your computer sheet1 Which of the following factors explains the low abundance of phytoplankton in the southern Pacific OceanA Low Iron B High Ammonium C LowLight D Low TemperatureE High abundance of predators 2 In photosynthesis the absorption of light is used specifically to A oxidize water resulting in the release of electrons B synthesize ATP by oxidative phosphorylation to NADPH by linear electron transport C reduce NADPD excite an electron within a pigment molecule to a higher energy state E convert carbon dioxide into a three carbon sugar that can be used for growth 3 Which of the following statements about photosynthesis is correctA Resonance Energy Transfer results in the transfer of electrons between pigment molecules B The reaction centre of a photosystem lacks chlorophyllC Rubisco has evolved over time resulting in a decrease in the oxygenation reaction D A cyanobacterium contains three different genomes E Cyclic electron flow allows for increased NADPH synthesis 4 TheJagendorf experiment used isolated thylakoids with buffers of different pHWhich of the following treatments would prevent the experiment from working A Running the experiment in the dark B Inhibiting photosystem II function C Using a membrane ionophore uncoupler D Blocking electron transport past ubiquinone UQE Preventing the reduction of NADP5 Comparing photosynthetic electron transport PET with respiratory electron transport RETwhich of the following statements is NOT correct A In PET plastoquinone PQ serves a function similar to that of ubiquinone UQ in RET O is an electron donor while in RET O is the product of electron transport B In PET H22C In both the flow of electrons from one carrier to the next is spontaneous D In PET plastocyanin PC serves a role similar to that of cytochrome c in RET E During PET the lumen becomes acidified lower pH in RET the matrix becomes acidified 6 Which of the following statements about the Calvin Cycle is NOT correct A Like the Krebs Cycle it can operate indefinitely in the darkcombines with one molecule of ribulose bisphosphate RuBP to form 2 molecules B Each CO2of 3phosphoglycerate PGA C It requires the continuous regeneration of RuBP ribulose bisphosphatefixed 6 molecules of glyceraldehyde3phosphate G3P are synthesizedD For every three CO2EBoth A and D are statements that are NOT correct Student numberCode 111Code 111Code 111Code 111
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