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Biology 1002B
Tom Haffie

PROKARYOTES EUKARYOTES Differences Smaller so high SAV ratioLarger so small SAV ratio In aerobic bacterium ETC is on plasma ETC is in mitochondria chloroplast membraneit is a competing rxn with more amount of their plasma all other plasma membrane fxs membrane is dedicated to ETCwhich is one reason why EUK has higher potential to create ATP Usually encodes less proteins and Bigger so usually encodes more therefore genes proteins therefore genes6 million base pairs 3 billion base pairsHave the luxury to do more since they can produce more energyCircular genomes Similaritiesdoes mitochondria have circular genomeWhat complementary base pairs with what WHAT WHERE WHEN mRNA Hairpin loop noneU part of sequencetRNA In the structure itself rRNA In the structure itself DNA When its folded during DNA replication mRNADNADuring transcriptionrRNAmRNA SD box in PROstRNAmRNA Codonanticodon snRNA snRNA base pairs with itself making it catalysic snRNApremRNA With splice signals on mRNAmiRNAmRNA During degradation or inactivationActivatorin EUKs Interact directly with transcription factors to potentially initiate multiple transcriptionsthe particular set activators present win a cell at a given time is responsible for determines which genes in that cell are expressed
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