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Western University
Biology 1201A
Tom Haffie

October 2010 Biology 1201A Page 1 of 10Answers are indicated in RedExplanations for the Answers are given in Red as well1 Which of the following is not found in or on aprokaryotic cell 5 Biologists can isolate and purify ribosomes A DNA from mammalian cells by the use of the B ribosomes A transmission electron microscope C pili B scanning electron microscope D lysosomes C ultracentrifuge E nucleoid D light microscope Refer to Chapter 2 and compare eukaryotic E Golgi apparatus and prokaryotic cell structure Figs 215 and In order to isolate cell components Biologists 218 would disrupt break open cells and then spin the components the heaviest pelleting at 2 Which of the following is not part of the lower speedsusing an ultracentrifuge endomembrane system6The following diagram and electron micrograph A mitochondria show B Golgi apparatus C rough endoplasmic reticulum D lysosomes E tonoplastRefer to Chapter 2 and compare eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell structure Section 25a and 25bA the cross section through a flagella B a nuclear pore 3 An animal secretory cell and a photosynthetic C the cross section through a mitochondria leaf cell are similar in all of the following ways D sister chromatids in crossover except E the cross section of a bacterial cell A They both have a Golgi apparatus Refer to text book Figure 225 B They both have mitochondria C They both have a plasma membrane 7 The centromere is a region in which D They both have a nucleolus A chromatids are attached to one another E They both have chloroplasts B metaphase chromosomes become aligned Both of these cells have A B C and DC chromosomes are grouped during telophase Animal cells do not have chloroplastsD the nucleus is located prior to mitosis E new spindle microtubules form 4 Which organelle is involved in the energy Refer to text book page 184 production of a prokaryotic cell A chloroplast 8 Cytokinesis usually but not always follows B mitochondrion mitosisIf a cell completed mitosis but not C nucleus cytokinesis this would result in a cell with D cilia A a single large nucleus E The entire cell is involved in energy B a high concentration of actin and tubulin production C one abnormally large nucleus and one abnormally small nucleusD two nucleiE two nuclei but with half the amount of DNA Refer to Fig 96Student Number Code 111 Code 111Code 111
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