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Biology 1202B Final: Cycle 9 Essential Outcomes – Human Genomics and Genetic Disease

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Biology 1202B
Jennifer Mc Donald

80 of the human genome is functional. 20000 genes represent 6x the amount of coding proteins while of the human genome is transcribed which are functioning in the same way as an RNA molecule. 4. Explain the reason for the experimental steps taken over the duration of the human genome project. Prior to the human genome project, scientists tried to refine the technology by sequencing model organisms and smaller organism genomes. This helped to provide a point of reference in relation to other genomes. They also mapped according to recombination frequency. Human Genome Project International scientific research project with the goal of determining the sequence of nucleotides and base pairs that make up human DNA and of identifying and mapping all of the genes of the human genome from a physical and functional genome. 5. Describe the features of genomic regions which are difficult to sequence. The finished genome sequence still has gaps, which are composed of heterochromatic and repetitive DNA. Because these regions are near centromeres and telomeres, these are often difficult to sequence. The gaps in the genomic regions usually have GC rich repetitive sequences which makes them difficult to sequence and put in order.
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