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Bio2382 Midterm Exam Notes

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Western University
Biology 2382B
Jessica Kelly

Cell Biology Midterm Exam NotesIntro What can you do with each techniqueMicroscopesTools to visualize cells Light Microscopes revealing cellular structure of LIVE stained cells Type Components What we look at Bright Field focus maximum lightconventional increase refractive index denominator Phase Contrast light arrives at eye out of look at live unstained cells phase 14 from annulusfrom phase plate creates a contrast DIC Normaski interference prismlook at live unstained cells Wollasten polarized light cant use plastic slides because it interferes with polarized light Confocal uses laser as light penetrates thick specimens pinhole optics focuses on one infocus optical section focal plane through thick cells Epifluorescence UV bulb Fluorophores when excited excitation filter filters specific they kick off visible light of wavelength to specimen a different wavelength dichroic mirror bounces UV Fluorescent down to specimen and allows determine location in fixed visible light back up cells as well as localization barrier filter blocks UV light changes in response to the environmentElectron Microscope look at subcellular of fixed sectioned cells that are not LIVE equation is changed Type Components What we look at TEM heavy metals high resolution electrons primary only sections of a specimen in vacuum phosphorescent screen SEM heavy metals 3D image of surface primary and secondary electrons present in vacuum
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