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Biology 2382B
Robert Cumming

Passive Diffusion Membrane -Higher K = More lipid soluble Transport -The main determinants of diffusion are the partition coefficient and the concentration difference -No energy required; High concentration to low concentration m K= c caq -Partition Coefficient (K): measure of the preference of a molecule to partition into a Facilitated Diffusion -High to Low concentration • Gates - Normally closed but open when needed -Help to get past hydrophobic areas Ligand-gated Channels -Specific To molecule -binding of specific ligand opens channel (GLUT1) -Pores, channels, gates, uniports (GLUT1) Voltage-gated Channels • Pores and Channels -change in membrane potential (charge)open the -Integral membrane proteins which channel -Ca2+ Release Channel; nerve impulse opens it create holes in the membrane, large enough for solutes to pass through -Size based exclusion K+ Resting Channel -K+ binds to oxygen in channel -Used by cells to form charge gradient across membrane (electric potential) Active Transport Primary Secondary -Uses ATP to move molecules against their -Uses ion gradients generated by ATP powered concentration gradient
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