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Biology 2382B
Robert Cumming

Microtubules Microfilaments Intermediate Filaments Microtubule Associated Proteins Microfilaments Associated Proteins Intermediate Filament Associated Proteins Tau Stabilize MT Myosin S1 Arrow head points to -end Plectin crosslink MT to IF Thymosin binds free G Actin LAP2 link lamins MAP2 Stabilize MT Profilin G-ADP to G-ATP Actin (polymerization) Ankyrin link IF to PM +TIPs (EBI) Stability at + end Cofilin Depolymerizes at –end Cap Z Stabilizes +end Adhesion Molecules Tropomodulin Stabilizes –end Occludin Tight Junction Stathmin Causes curvature and GTP Hydrolysis Formin Regulates growth a +end (Active via Claudin Tight Junction RhoGTPase) JAM Tight Junction Arp2/3 branching of actin (Active via Mitotic Protein cdc42+GTPWASp) Kinetochore Outer Grabbing end +end MT Fibrin and Actinin Bundles between actin Cell Adhesion Molecules (CAMs) Spectrin and Filamin networks/ crosslink Cadherin Transmembrane molecule, Ca2+ dependent, desmosomes and Ndc80 dephosphorylated when branches chromosome caught from both sides Adherens Junctions Dystrophin Support PM (tension) N-cams Ca2+ independent Ezrin Holds actin in place (microvilli) Integrin Heterphilic, Hemidesmosomes Ankyrin Anchor PM (Support) and Focal adhesions (stress fibers) Nebulin stabilizes actin via coating it Titin Holds myosin in place (elastic) Selectin recognize oligosaccharides Troponin/Tropomyosin block myosin binding
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