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Biology 2382B
Robert Cumming

Microtubules (25nm) Motor Proteins (Require Energy) Anterograde Movement of Kinesin -Tracks for transport -Allow bi-direction vesicle transport -Hollow Tube; 100’s μm long Kinesin; (+)end directed, anterograde transport, -Monomer: -αβ+Tubulin exocytosis Dimer(8nm) -2 Heavy chains; head, neck and stalk (ATPase Activity) -Polymer: Protofilament -2 Light Chains (Variable); recognize cargo -13 Protofilaments make up 1 *1 ATP = Move 16nm (2 Dimers) microtubule Kinesin 1 -conventional -Organelle transport Kinesin 5 -Head domains on each end Microtubules Assembly -Cause MT to slide past each other -GTP Bound to β of Dimer Kinesin 13 -Dimers polymerize (+) end -Just head domain -As hydrolysis occurs, instability -Uses ATP to remove dimers from the (+) end occurs and once hydrolysis Microtubule Associated Proteins Dynein; (-)end directed, Retrograde transport, (MAPs)s up to ends of endocytosis -Can alter microtubule Stability -Bundle Microtubules -Heavy Chain; head and -Can be regulated via stalk (ATPase activity) phosphorylation -Linker; attaches head to stem -Different structure can influence -Stem; interacts with dynactin hetero complex; binds cargo Microtubule Formation function; proteins pack them -Cell keeps making αβ dimers, therefore differently concentration increases MAP2 and TAU; both combine to -Hits Critical Concentration; needed to begin microtubules and stabilize polymerizing microtubules +TIPs; associated with (+)end of -Concentration of free dimers stays the same MT because new dimers are all going into polymerizing the microtubules -EBI is a type that may bring other- (+)end more dynamic molecules to tip -Provides stability and can act as -(-)end capped, stable attachment sites, and reduce catastrophe Stathmin; bind to (+) end and cause curvature and may cause hydrolysis of GTP Microtubules need something to grow off of Cilia 2-10μm Flagella 10-2000μm -Microtubules can have more than one microtubule organizing centers -sweep material across tissue, -propel cells, repulsion to move Cytoplasmic Microtubules Axonemal Microtubules beat things
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