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Biology 2382B
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910CytoskeletonLearning Objectives1QUESTIONHow is cellular movement achieved1Cellular trafficking of organelles2Cell migrationIntricate network of protein filaments that extend throughout the cytoplasmMicrotubules 25nmlargestMicrofilaments 79nmsmallestIntermediate filaments 10nmMicrotubules Structure125 nm diameter up to 100s of mm long2Polymer of a and b tubulin 1Both Monomers 55kDa each2a dimer is basic subunit building block of microtubules3When you build or dismember the microtubule its at the level at the dimer 3Have polarityone side is different then the other ones the a end and the other is the 1These dimers can polymerize form a chain 2This chain is called a protofilament aaaa4A bunch of protofilaments come together to form a hollow tube 25nm in diameter1A end 2Bend grows faster5Each dimer is 8nm in size 1Know from this that if an actin takes a step every 4 nm that its going from polymer to the next aaDimeric Tubulin Subunit1Tubulin is very abundant We know the structure therefore we know what it can and cant bind to2Dimer VERY stable cell will never take it apart at the level of the monomer3a binds permanently to GTP4b can hydrolyze GTP so can be bound to GTP or GDP5As the polymer protofilament grows bs GTP is hydrolyzedArrangement of MT Protofilaments1Singletsmost common 113 protofilaments forming a single tube of 25nm diameter 2Doublets and Triplets stable can also be formed 1By adding an additional 10 protofilaments on 3Singlets tend to be dynamic grow and shrink in size 4Doublets and triplets tend to be stableSinglet Microtubules 1Microtubules organize the interior of the cell 22 types 1Cytoplasmicfound in the cytoplasm microtubules of the nerve cell2Axonemal cilia etcmeans cilia or flagella Microtubule Organization
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