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Ecology Lec 2 (intro to ecology) summary.docx

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Ecology Lec 1: Intro to ecology - Ecology: scientific study of interactions between organisms and environment, and to explain distribution and abundance of organisms (NOT enviro activism/science) - General misconceptions: 1. Balance of nature (return to previous states after disturbed)- NO, things always change 2. Each species has a distinct role to maintain balance- NO, not really all species matter, lots of redundancy in roles - Ecological maxims: 1. Organisms interact & are interconnected 2. Everthing goes somewhere 3. Pop’n cant increase in size forever 4. Finite energy & resources = tradeoffs 5. Organisms evolve 6. Spacial scale matters - Ecological Hierarchy: Organism → Population (bunch of same species in same area)→ Community (diff populations of diff species in same area) → Ecosystem (community + physical environments) → Landscape (areas with substantial differences, usually incl. many ecosystems)→ Biosphere (all ecosystems of earth- all organisms + environments) - Adaptation: a trait that improves survival/reprocution Natural selection: certain adaptations reproduce at higher rate = increased frequency of trait - Producers: capture energy from external source Net primary productivity (NPP): E. captured by producers – E. lost as heat (cell resp.) Consumers: get energy by eating other organisms - Energy moves in a single direction (NOT recycled) Nutrient Cycle: from physical environment → organisms and back - Ecological Experiments 1. Lab controlled: no natural variation/fluctuation (isolation of mechanism BUT not realistic) 2. Mixed: controlled and natural (best of both) 3. Natural: totally open (cant control anything BUT very realistic) - Design & analysis: 1.
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