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Ecology Lec 10 (population growth & regulation) summary.docx

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Biology 2483A
Hugh Henry

Ecology Lec 10 Human population has increased, but the energy have also increase way more Slow start, bubonic plague dip, after industrial revolution, skyrocketed Growth rate has slowed to 1.18% per year, But rate has decreased BUT still increasing population Estimates of our K range from 1 billion to 1 trillion Ecological footprint: total area of productive ecosystems required to support a population - estimate how much space a person takes up based on resources, pollution etc etc Remember ecological maxim: no population can grow in size forever Life table: summary of how survival and reproductive rates vary with age - Sx (survival rate)- chance that an individual will survive from age x to age x+1 - Lx (survivorship)- proportion of individuals that survive from birth to age x - Fx (fecundity)- average # offspring a female will have at age x Birth & death rates can vary greatly with different ages Gambian survival depends on the season of birth- if born in the hungry season, lower survivorship, In some species, age doesn’t matter, SIZE matter, at a certain size, reproduction can occur Survivorship curve: Type I: most individuals survive to old age (sheep, humans) Type II: the chance if surviving remains constant throughout life (some birds) Type III: high death rates for young, ones that reach adulthood, survive well (species that produce lots of offspring) Age structure: tells you how a population will grow… many people at reproductive age, will grow, if most at post reproductive age, then will not grow To predict population size next year: 1. Calculate number of people surviving to the next year 2. # of offspring these survivors will produce
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